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Polka-Floral Fantabulousness

$23.00 / Sold Out

One part 1960s polka pop, one part 1970s pop floral and all sophisticated lady clown and you got this great mask! This is one of my lightest weight masks currently available. The outer shell is another high-density cotton voile that is just beautiful.

This lightweight style mask is comprised of three layers of 100% cotton; a lightweight voile outer shell, another layer of voile sandwiched with a gorgeous cotton sateen to make a pocket for your reusable filters. The mask is bound with 100% cotton twill that is triple stitched for durability. The mask has an over the head style with a high-quality 3mm braided flat elastic. You can also request ear loops out of a high-quality 3mm braided round elastic by putting that in the notes field.

All masks have been exposed to UV light for three minutes and then sanitarily put into wrapping.


All shipping is priority tracked mail cause it’s a scary world out there and I like things to get there on time and insured. **Everything is slow during the apocalypse. Please expect shipment to be 7-10 days from purchase.**