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Shelley + Victor

Shelley wasn’t my normal bride; she had never seen Pinterest before. She wanted a wedding dress but hated the idea of dresses. She didn’t think it would be ok to wear cowboy boots to her own wedding… despite the fact that, next to trainers, they were her shoes of choice the majority of the time. So after her initial introduction to Pinterest and the subsequent design direction of “I want to look like the cowgirl version of a chocolate dipped strawberry” we settled on her unique and beautiful design.

I took heavy borrow from the skirts of the Grand Ole Opry but updated it with soft layers of cotton eyelet laces instead of stiff silks of that era. For the shirt I took a nod to Nudie with specially designed embroidery that utilized Shelley’s favorite flower, the blue bonnet, and symbols of importance to her family, the star and horseshoe motifs. To tie the two pieces together (and to add the dash of red Shelley wanted) I created a super soft leather corset belt.